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Dolphin is a compact, clinical, diagnostic audiometer designed using advanced embedded technology. It generates precise, distortion free tones in accurate attenuation steps. Soft, click less, well spaced, keys for speeding up the testing procedure.






E-Learning Solutions

In a decade which has seen internet technologies flourishing and ever growing, E-Learning has been one of the vital derivatives of thistechnology boom.

E-Learning has become an integral vital part of all corporates where hiring and training is of paramount significance. E-maximus brings to the table a thorough understanding of the requirements of the training front and pave path for drawing an optimised blend of training package using different training delivery methodologies.

Apart from the regular advantages of E-Learning, E-Maximus ensures the following edge...

  • Custom tailored E-Learning package depending on the nature of the industry taking into consideration the operating and work culture of customers.