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Dolphin is a compact, clinical, diagnostic audiometer designed using advanced embedded technology. It generates precise, distortion free tones in accurate attenuation steps. Soft, click less, well spaced, keys for speeding up the testing procedure.






Audiometry Solutions

Our Audiometry solutions are aimed at helping our customers set up the required environment for conducting
audiometry tests. Based on the requirements of the customer we provide the following solutions:

  1. Only audiometer and the software package
  2. Audiometer + software package + sound-proofing of room
  3. Audiometer + software package + portable sound-proof chamber

Apart from the above listed solutions, We also undertake continous maintenance of instruments and the test setup on a contract basis.

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Portable sound proof chamber:

Our sound proof booth are designed specifically for use in clinics and other industrial test environments.
The portable, relocatable sound proof booths ensure maximus elimination of outside noise thus ensuring correct test results.


  • High Performance noise reduction
  • Easily relocatable
  • Positive door seal
  • Instrument Jack panel
  • Double gazed viewing windows
  • Internal light and ventilation fan
  • Heavy duty castor and mat
  • Will fit through normal sized doors
  • Removable external shelf for audiometers
  • Earth leakage circuit